Water Heater Installation and Repair in Whittier, CA 

Very few people want to take a cold shower every day. They would like the option of a hot one at times. In fact, some people refuse to take a cold shower. For them, a water heater is an essential household item.

If a person neglects this appliance, cold showers will be in their future. The water heater must be maintained, like all appliances. Failure to do so could lead to costly repair bills or the need for a new unit. Fortunately, with the help of a company specializing in Plumbing Services, a homeowner can keep this unit up and running for an extended period.

Water Heater Options

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to water heaters today. Many people choose a conventional water heater with a tank, but more families now rely on tankless appliances to have hot water on demand. Other options include solar and heat pump water heaters. Speak with a licensed plumber to learn the benefits and drawbacks of each, so an informed decision can be made if the current appliance cannot be repaired and a new water heater is needed.

Water Heater Repair

Routine maintenance helps ensure the water heater functions optimally in the home. In addition, promptly repairing the appliance when it malfunctions will help keep costs down. What are some signs that it is time to call for water heater repair services? When the unit fails to produce hot water, see if the circuit breaker tripped or if the pilot light went out, depending on which type of water heater is installed in the home. If these issues aren’t present, it is time to call for help. When the hot water runs out rapidly, the issue might be sediment in the bottom of the tank. To remove this sediment, the homeowner will need to drain and flush the tank.

Strange noises from the tank also suggest the presence of sediment. If the appliance is quiet but has a bad odor, bacteria may be flourishing in the tank. To remove the bacteria, the homeowner will need to flush the tank using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Finally, any leaks require immediate attention to prevent water damage to the home.

Water Heater Installation

While a repair is always preferred, a homeowner might find they need to ask about water heater installation services. It is always best to leave the installation of this appliance to a professional for several reasons. Proper installation of the unit will help to maximize the lifespan of the unit while ensuring its safety during operation. The risk of potential hazards decreases when a licensed plumber handles the installation. The plumber makes certain all aspects of the installation comply with local building codes. What steps must be taken when installing this appliance? A suitable location must be selected and the area prepared for the water heater. Before removing the existing water heater and installing the new one, the plumber will need to turn off all utilities that may be affected by the installation. If removing an existing tank, connect a hose to the unit’s drain valve and remove the water. Remove the existing unit and dispose of it properly.

Installation of a water heater involves more than putting the appliance into position and hooking up water lines. The unit should be secured according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once it is secured, it is time to connect the water lines and pressure relief valve. The water heater must also be connected to a power source. For those who purchase a gas water heater, the unit needs proper ventilation to remove harmful gases. When the installer is sure the unit is ventilated, it is time to fill the tank with water. Open the water supply valve and check for leaks as the tank fills. This step is not necessary if a tankless unit is purchased.

When the tank finishes filling, it is time to light the pilot light. Next, the unit must be tested. Turn on the hot water to ensure water flows freely with no leaks or other issues. When a homeowner works with a plumber, they handle these steps and ensure everything is done correctly. With their assistance, a homeowner has confidence the unit will work as intended and they will have hot water when needed. Call today for help with this task if simple troubleshooting tips aren’t of help. A reputable plumber will be happy to determine what the problem is and how best to fix it so the home has hot water once again.

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